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Choosing Your Next Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Combination

August 8, 2020

Choosing Your Next Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Combination

The average homeowner loves to have options. But when it comes the choosing of the next kitchen cabinet and countertop combination the abundance of options can quickly seem like doing a chore. And nobody likes chores.

The world of kitchen cabinets and countertops is a vast ocean with thousands of styles and sub-styles. The last thing you want to pick out is something trendy that will go by the wayside in a couple of years.

Pick something that is both breathtaking and functional so use this following guide when choosing your next kitchen cabinet and countertop combination.

The Cabinets

There are many questions concerning cabinet design. Frames of frameless? Custom, semi-custom, or stock? The following list will help in better understanding so you can be educated about your choices.

● Framed. As the name implies there is a one-half inch from mounted around the front surface of the cabinet. This is where the hinges are mounted for the doors.

● Frameless. Frameless designs have no outer facing frame and the hinges are mounted inside the cabinet structure hidden and out of the way.

● Stock cabinets. Stock or prefab cabinets the kind like you would purchase from a home improvement warehouse tend to be quite cheaper but consider that you may encounter sever measurement problems with prefab cabinets.

● Custom. Custom cabinets are constructed from the ground up and customized to fit your space. These will be the most expensive of any choice you make.

● Semi-Custom. Come in a general size but can be customized in finish and they are a great compromise in price and flexibility.

The Countertop

Most homeowners say the word ‘granite’ when asked about their countertop choice. And granite is a very popular and widely used type of countertop. It looks good, it lasts, and it has withstood trends in kitchen countertop design. How many things can say that!

But as more alternatives to granite are discovered, look for there to be a drop in the demand for granite. The following list will help you in choosing your next countertop material.

● Laminate. The modern laminites of today are not the bubbled formica that you grew up with. And depending on the size and type of laminate expect to lay down some big bucks for this countertop.

● Marble. Marble is just as versatile and beautiful as granite. But prepare yourself when asking the price.

● Butcher block. It doesn’t get any better than good old fashioned butcher block. And when properly finished it too will last as long as you want it to. And the price is pretty much in everybody's budget!

● Stainless Steel. Whether you are a registered chef or just like the sleek look there is nothing quite like stainless steel. While it is virtually indestructible, it does tend to scratch and become dull rather easily. Stainless steel is about the mid-grade when it comes to price.

This should help you be a better educated kitchen cabinet and countertop buyer when the time comes.