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Top Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

August 8, 2020

Top Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

Bathroom cabinets are vital to a bathroom remodel. More importantly is the amount of storage ideas that you can put into bathroom cabinets. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Bathroom cabinets are unique in their design since they tend to occupy the smallest room of the house. Listed here are some bathroom cabinet ideas to think about as you design your new bathroom space.

Furniture Appeal

One current trend in bathroom design is cabinetry that resembles furniture with legs and open shelving where attractive items can be showcased. A repurposed old hutch or vintage dresser can be turned into a very attractive vanity.. This creates a very appealing focal point for your bathroom.

Sleek Looking Cabinets

Some home owners are getting totally away from bathroom cabinets with intricate designs and fancy wood work. They are going for solid flat panel doors for a sleeker look that just so happens to be easier to clean.

Open Air Shelving

Leaving the doors totally off and going with the open look is also gaining in popularity. Shelves can be tucked into every nook and corner adding to the storage capabilities. 

Another popular trend is to place a shelf above the shower head to store dry towels or underneath and to the side areas of the vanity.

Freestanding Vanities

A small freestanding vanity is really popular for powder rooms or half-baths where they tend to make a big statement. Many companies specialize in the building of freestanding vanities that are constructed to look every bit as authentic as some of their pricey antique counterparts.

Medicine Cabinets

Today’s medicine cabinets have gone through a complete transformation. They are now twice as deep, with plug-in strips for appliances and some of the higher end models even have small televisions in them!

Storage Accessories

It is amazing at the number of storage options you can put into a bathroom cabinet. Things like slide outs with extra drawers, racks, linen storage and even a place to toss dirty laundry can all be customized into your new vanity. 

Another really cool storage feature that is currently trending is what is called a hairdryer garage. It is essentially a deep recessed container where you can ‘park’your hair dryer within easy reach.

Added Storage Added Privacy 

A large bathroom that uses a two sink vanity can really be customized by adding a tall vertical bathroom cabinet between the two sinks. These tall cabinets can be outfitted with storage across the front as well as the two adjacent sides. This also adds a bit of privacy between the sinks. 

And sometimes a wall of storage can be added when a toilet needs to be separated from the rest of the bathroom. Some designers put the toilet in a very open place when most homeowners prefer a bit of privacy when going to the‘loo’.  A strategically placed wall of shelving around the toilet can accommodate both privacy and functionality.