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Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

August 8, 2020

Top Kitchen Cabinet Ideas 

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, you are probably thinking most about the cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are the central focal point of every kitchen and choosing just the right ones may involve searching for an idea or two that you haven’t thought of. 

If you are still in the planning and design stage, consider your kitchen’s shape and size, what your storage requirements are going to be and how you can createa space that suits you and your family’s personality. 

Use this list when looking for ideas as they pertain to different styles and pick the perfect style of kitchen cabinets.The following styles are listed in no particular order.  


Painting the interior shelving of your cabinets the same color as the cabinets under your counter top will provide you with a contrast when considering traditional two-toned cabinets. 

The use of the color white in kitchens these days really looks good if you go with a traditional look in any shade of light gray for the cabinets. 

Traditional white cabinets paired with wooden bar stools create another popular look traditional look.



To better illuminate your kitchen, go with an all-white modern look. You can use white cabinets, countertops, and kitchenware to reflect the amount of natural light. 

To achieve a sleek modern look go with alternating shades of black and gray throughout the kitchen. 

Stainless steel appliances are very popular. But making your appliances the same color as you kitchen cabinets it will give your kitchen a high-tech modern feel.


The easiest way to get that contemporary feel for your kitchen is not to run the cabinets all the way to the ceiling. You can then use this top of the cabinet space to place seasonal decorations or collectible items.

Another contemporary idea is to pair light wood toned cabinets with a dark ceramic tile backsplash. 

Create a contemporary look by adding some glass doors to your upper wall cabinets and keep solid doors on the base cabinets.


If you have a small kitchen that you want to have a country cottage feeling, try using regular cabinets on the floor and open air shelving instead of upper cabinets. You can also use this shelved space for displaying decorative items. 

Use a darker wood for your cabinets to help contrast the lighter colors in the room. This is an old English cottage type of approach.  

Choosing a natural tone for you kitchen cabinet colors will give your cottage look a more outdoorsy feel. Blue or light blue is a good color when thinking about the cottage look.


The rustic look or the old farmhouse look is gaining in popularity. There are several ways to get this look when it comes to your kitchen cabinets.  

One good way is simply by using darker natural wood tone for your cabinetry and the hammered look on heavy duty black cabinet hardware. 

Many farm house styles incorporate a system of sliding cabinet doors instead of the traditional swinging type. 

With just the right look you can create a timeless look and feel for the heart and soul of your home.