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Tips on Choosing White Kitchen Cabinets

August 8, 2020

Tips on Choosing White Kitchen Cabinets

One of the hottest current trends in remodeling and new home construction is to make the kitchen white. To be more specifically make the kitchen white with white kitchen cabinets.

We all know that white of course is going to show every little spot, spill, stain, smudge and if your kitchen is flooded with natural light, depending on the shade of white you choose, you can expect it to fade.

White is timeless. It is a natural color than evokes a sense on being ultra clean and sanitized. White kitchen cabinets tend to be very versatile. They have the ability to compliment several different designs and styles.

Here are a few tips on choosing white kitchen cabinets.

How Much Use Will Your White Kitchen Cabinets Get?

When you are in the designing stage of kitchen for either a remodel or a new construction project take into consideration what kind of use is your kitchen going to see?

Are you an everyday big meal cooker or do you gather friends once a month for brunch. The more use your kitchen gets the more your white kitchen cabinets are going show wear and tear and other things.

Everything stands out when it is white. If your idea of cooking meals is ordering take-out then choosing white kitchen cabinets will work fine.

Choosing the Right Finish

Choosing the right finish for your white kitchen cabinets is another design feature that you need to put some thought into.

The finished surface of white kitchen cabinets goes from one extreme to another. If you have very little going on in the kitchen, then one of the cheaper laminate type finishes will be just fine.

But if your kitchen is the central hub of the house and you have a few kids around it may be a good option to go with the very expensive high gloss finish as it is much easier to wipe down and keep clean.

Consider your Appliances When Choosing White Kitchen Cabinets

The best compliment to white kitchen cabinets is your appliances. But be mindful. If you buy white appliances for your new white kitchen then you are locked into only one shade for the white kitchen cabinets.  Your kitchen color scheme may look mismatched if your white appliances and your white kitchen cabinets are a few shades apart.

Black appliances in a white kitchen are very pleasing to the eye color swing as is stainless steel and white. Either way you may want to take home a few color samples of the cabinet colors to which specific shade works best for your situation.

Consider the Amount of Natural Light

Open and airy is very popular and so are long walls with a lot of glass. By placing a lot of glass that will allow a lot of natural light to flood your white kitchen cabinets you may be running the risk of your white cabinets turning yellow in a few years or maybe months.

Ask your cabinet professional about these types of things when considering white kitchen cabinets.